The 26 Bells

Soon we will know why Vora was so devilish… One day Vora was out in the woods, where she had found an old shack, and a surge of trouble washed over her. Every time she was about to do something mean, she felt this. It started in her gut, working its way to the edges of Vora’s body. She felt a tingling sensation, but at the heart of it, there was a deep, dark, evil feeling. Suddenly, Vora’s mind caught the idea of flames, fire, enclosing the shabby building as Vora  silently slipped away, unseen. She knew what she wanted to do. Her hand slid into her pocket, where she kept a book of matches, and she pulled them out. In the dappled sunlight of her forest ( it was literally her forest, as no one wanted to go near her and her domain ), she examined the matches and the shack, and a ghostly smile crept over her face…


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