Playing in the rain

I just returned from an away soccer game in the rain. The MOST MISERABLE soccer game EVER! It was pouring in cold, sharp pings that repeatedly pierced your face, neck, and knees. It penetrated your clothing, soaking you through to the core. And the wind, oh the wind, it blew in relentless gusts… It was torture. I asked myself why, why must we wait through the storm, knowing we will lose (Final score 6-2, we lost), freezing our soggy butts off in the process. Then I realized it led to the greater question of our universe, the question why we pull ourselves through life like this, most of us working almost daily, not expressing ourselves like we should. I felt that the answer was because of our own love and compassion for each other, and because, at heart, we truly enjoy it. We enjoy experiencing it all, making friends and finding love. And that is why we play in the rain.


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