The 26 Bells

Vora slowly walked around the old hut, removing anything that would not catch fire easily. After securing the outside, she went into the shack. Vora looked around, curious as to what was held inside the shack. Hung in rows on one of the walls, there were small handbells. Vora had only heard of handbell groups that performed in the bigger towns, outside of her village. Even stranger, every bell had its own letter of the alphabet engraved on the front, meaning there were 26 bells in all. Vora brushed the cobwebs off of one of the bells and turned it over in her hand, revealing a small set of metal wings. She cautiously hung the bell back on its peg, and, in doing so, the bell released a small chime. The chime sounded curiously like the letter engraved on the front. Vora gazed in awe at the strange bells, and noticed a bit of candlelight glinting off them. She turned and saw for the first time, a door different than the one through which she had entered. The door was releasing light through small cracks between the door and the doorframe.  That’s strange. She thought. It looked like a one-room hut from the outside.


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