The 26 Bells

As the door swung open, Vora realized that it wasn’t just a few candles sending light through the cracks and into the room. Several hundred candles glowing could not have amounted to the piercing, penetrating light she saw before her.  It seemed as if the sun had burst open, splitting until all that remained was this indescribably bright orb, placed directly in front of Vora. She thought of it like all the sunshine she had ever seen, in all her days, piled up and compressed into the space in front of her.

Finally, she was able to finish staring in complete awe at what she saw before her long enough to notice her situation. At least some of it, anyway. Out of her peripheral vision, Vora saw the bells. Except they weren’t hung up on the wall anymore. They were flying. Due to the little wings on their backs, they were flying. A series of them rung themselves, and (yes, it is possible) Vora was even more amazed. For when they were rung, each bell sounded exactly like the letter engraved on the front. Go through The Door. Follow us until you find the weasel, They chimed.


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