Are we blind?

  Are we blind? Or do we just ignore the world around us? Do we think of nothing but  that good grade you just got, how filling that last meal was, how everything is perfect in your secure little world? It’s time that we opened our eyes, opened them to a world that desperately needs to be noticed. If you are way up high in your safe home, you must be blind not to notice the whole of our reality, our situation spread out before you. You are lucky that you even got a grade at all; there are girls that are not allowed to go to school. There are children who only receive shreds and crumbs of food, and have to walk miles for drinkable water. There are families who raised their children in the midst of war, and must smuggle themselves out of their country to safety. There are many kidnappings and shootings throughout this world, so we must help. We must help. But, are we blind for not? Are we blind?


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