We are better than this!

Today I had a soccer game. The air was thick and muggy, hot storm air. Even though it was eleven thirty in the morning, you could have mistaken it for six o’clock in the evening, due to the dark clouds collected overhead. We were playing a team that looked pretty easy to beat, most of them four and a half feet tall, or shorter. And even though smaller kids tend to run faster, these weren’t all that fast. So we started the game, not expecting much of a fight out of them, and not getting one. But sooner or later we realized that we were the ones that weren’t giving our best. We were only up by two goals, and while our offense was shooting and shooting, we really could have been doing better. We needed to be first to the ball, to talk more, to stop clumping, and to get open more (for those of you who don’t know, those are soccer terms). After the two-zip win, I figured that I could have likened my point to our situation in the world right now. We are currently at the mercy of global warming, and we are destroying ourselves with our own drugs and weapons. There is lots of cautious tension between our countries, and plenty of it has released itself in bloody wars, killing thousands. It is like a recurrence of the dark ages, and what’s the worst is that we actually have the power to pull ourselves out of this metaphysical ditch, we are just to lazy to do so.


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