The 26 Bells

   Roe? Who’s Roe? Is he the weasel? I don’t want to meet a weasel. Vora contemplated this creature named Roe as she followed the bells through the realm. It turns out that everything was exactly the same as everything back home, except for the faded colors and the fact that it smelled a bit odd here, like celery or asparagus or something like that. This is the land of The Queen. The Queen rules over everyone and gives them what she thinks they deserve, not what they want or need. Roe will be your guide here. The bells seemed to have answered Vora’s thoughts. They continued on to a particularly large bush that looked a bit like a tree, but not much. Roe! Roe! The bells called. A small, furry, whiskered head peered out from the bush. Greetings, Roe. This girl is in need of something only The Queen can provide. Please take her to the palace. They continued. Wait a minute! A weasel and the queen? Vora’s mind protested. “But why can’t you take me? Surely you can.” She asked the bells. “Ahh, she speaks! I had begun to think she was a mute.” Roe added. “We shall have a fine journey together!”


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