The 26 Bells

   Vora felt something boiling up in her. What was it? Discontent? Hatred, even? Oh, my. This will be quite the adventure! Vora’s mind was speaking up.  A strange land with a strange guide. The bells at least entered with me. They actually were in the shack, waiting for me to open the door. “Wondering why I’m your guide?” Roe read Vora’s mind. “Maybe.” She answered. ” At one point early on, I worked for The Queen, so I know the realm and the inhabitants the best. The bells bring me our guests that need something from The Queen, and I bring them to her.” Roe explained.  He worked for The Queen?! Yes, he probably knows the realm the best so that he can spring traps on unsuspecting guests like me!  Vora thought. “And now you’re feeling distrust towards me.” Roe pointed out. Vora ignored this. “But I don’t need anything from The Queen.” “That’s what they all say. Now, think long and hard about your life in the human’s world.” Roe told her. So she did. She thought about all the thieving and destroying she had done, and while she admitted there was something wrong about it, she didn’t know why it would have anything to do with needing something from The Queen. 


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