Imaginative pictures


   I love finding pictures that just set your imagination free, like this one. I’ll give you my story for her, and you can tell me yours. Here goes:

   She is Aelia, princess of the dark and adventurer of the night. Many times she has disobeyed her father and the rest of her kind, the floren, to dance alone among the pleasures of the dark. While the night feeds her health, the daylight diminishes it. Aelia is free to leap through the night, drink from its waters and let her laughter ring amongst the cool night air, but by dawn she must return to the caves and shadows, keeping quiet and not being seen. Much to her father’s disapproval, a visiting floren boy comes to Aelia in her fifteenth year to tell her that she has been chosen to be the Messenger, an important role usually given to men. Aelia is torn; disobey her father for a perilous life, or stay forever stifled and kept forbidden from her happiness. What will she choose?


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