The 26 bells

Quick note: Sorry for not posting this story. If you would like to read earlier chapters of this story, type The 26 bells into the search box.

So there Vora was, stuck with this rodent leading her around, asking her strange questions, making it obvious that he was not to be trusted. What exactly am I doing here?! She wanted to yell. Frustration and confusion began creeping in on her by the second.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. They approached a huge wall of bushy undergrowth and plants and small trees and that sort of thing. It seemed they would need to find an entrance. Vora was about to start along the wall when she noticed Roe, with his thin rodent body, slipping between the mass of branches. What now? she thought.

“Come. Follow me.” He called out from the  bushes.

“But how?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter. Now hurry up!” Roe hissed.

Feeling a bit annoyed, Vora walked towards the spot where the rodent had crawled in. The climb seemed impossible. She stood there, trying to come up with a strategy, when Roe whined again.

“Quickly, quickly! We haven’t the time to waste!” He spat.

Vora stuck her foot into the brush. It was poky and uncomfortable. But, if the rodent who seemed to never care was getting uneasy about her speed, it was probably for the best. She grabbed a branch before plunging into the dark branches.


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