What I’ve been listening to lately

I’ve decided to recreate an old blog post, but update it with some fresh material.

  • Favorite popular song on the radio: Right now I’m a big fan of Selena Gomez’s feel-good vibes, so I’d have to say Kill ’em with kindness is my current favorite.
  • Favorite newly discovered song: Young and beautiful by Lana Del Ray. One of my friends told me about this song a couple days ago and I became obsessed with it almost overnight!
  • Favorite album: 25 by Adele! I was a fan of her music for several years before, but then last Christmas when I got 25, that admiration skyrocketed. I love each and every song on this album, and I’d totally recommend it if you’re into this type of music.
  • Favorite old song: Starlight by Muse. Much of my music taste was shaped and developed by my dad’s music taste, and this is just one of those songs that I really enjoy.
  • Favorite new band: DNCE. Cake by the ocean is a fantastic upbeat song, and Toothbrush still has the same feeling, but with a bit more romance. 

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