I wonder what it would be like

to stretch out my arms

touch the sky, the stars.

Melt in the wind’s embrace.

Love harder than ever before.

To go on a journey,

a long journey,

and come back home

and sigh.

To refuse to sink.

To be like a hawk,

clear, brilliant eyes.

Watch my soul

walk beside me

in the moonlight.

To die every day with joy.

To be human.

To wonder.


9/11- Forever strong


Terror strikes,

brutally dusting

the world in ash.

Victims scream,

the devil laughs.

Rescuers brave

and true,

rescue nothing.

All is lost.

All is ash,

All is dead.

But, no, no,

we rise from

the debris.

Lighting candles

and saying prayers.

We rise again,

angry and strong.

We will reign

once again.

We are scarred,

but forever