I had my

first taste

And I flew

to China

And I caught

a snowflake

between my


Climbed a

willow tree

Sang a

sweet song

Ate the fruit

of a blossom

Let the sounds

flow into

my ears

Watched the

sights trickle

on past

Took off the mask

and watched

you gasp

Let it slip

from my vision

Channeled the flow

of hope

Carried a

deep love

Lived a

true life


Laugh, little child

Laugh, little child

Your humor will not

hurt you.

As you are carried

away on the carriage

of good intentions,

Only the fool’s plot will

harm you.

So go, dance, be free

but be wary of those who

carry the weight of ignorance.

Resist the smile that melts you

if the mind deceives you.

Small tricks and white lies accumulate

and drown you.

Be wary, but go,

laugh, little child.

Broken dreams

The plastic stared

at me. The rot sneered.

Everything in that pit

was garbage.

Once it was a birthday,

a carved pumpkin.

Happy things to fill places with.

But then we threw it away.

We cared no longer.

There would be more fakes

to tend to, but this

is the original.

These were the first.

And the last.

These are the

broken dreams.


Folded into myself

afraid to spread my wings

fingers bitten by the cold

snowflakes cut my skin

others sneer

I’ll show them

if only

I cautiously

open my arms

risking the tender flesh

for a fleeting chance

a chance to soar

avoiding glares

I leap to the skies

grow strong branches

in midair

I fly

soaring above the cold

above them

this is what I

was meant for

In my dreams

In my dreams

the flowers leapt

off my blankets.

In my dreams

breath turned to

wisps of smoke.

The glass in

my mirror melted.

My radio spouted

hot, flowing music

almost like lava.

My closet doors

fell onto grass

and my doorknob

cried over some

cold spilled milk.

I stepped onto

shards of glass.

My heart fell

through the heavens.

In my dreams.