I wonder what it would be like

to stretch out my arms

touch the sky, the stars.

Melt in the wind’s embrace.

Love harder than ever before.

To go on a journey,

a long journey,

and come back home

and sigh.

To refuse to sink.

To be like a hawk,

clear, brilliant eyes.

Watch my soul

walk beside me

in the moonlight.

To die every day with joy.

To be human.

To wonder.


The 26 bells

So sorry for not posting this story in so long. It seems that all my posts will have to suffer a delay due to schoolwork.

Sticks and rough leaves tore at Vora. The whispers and cracks of the bush around her made it hard to hear Roe urging her forward. Vora felt volatile and vulnerable crouched in this thicket, and shuddered at every sudden noise or movement. “Not much longer.” Assured Roe “soon we will come to the Edge, and then it will be up to the Grae as to how we are treated.”
“The Grae?” Inquired Vora. “Yes, yes a troop of fae that lives by the edge.” Answered Roe. Where Vora and Roe were now the light seemed brighter, more plentiful. They were nearer to the Edge and whatever lay beyond.

In my dreams

In my dreams

the flowers leapt

off my blankets.

In my dreams

breath turned to

wisps of smoke.

The glass in

my mirror melted.

My radio spouted

hot, flowing music

almost like lava.

My closet doors

fell onto grass

and my doorknob

cried over some

cold spilled milk.

I stepped onto

shards of glass.

My heart fell

through the heavens.

In my dreams.