I LOVE drawing eyes, but I haven’t portrayed this emotion much before, so I wanted to try it.




I did not know where they came from,

but I felt the gusts.

They swept me off my feet

and carried me far.

They held me high up

and rocked me gently.

they swung me higher and

farther than possible.

Yet I was soothed.

Sweet breezes grazed me,

tossing my hair and skirts.

Aloft I was, happily in the skies.

I tasted sweet rainbows and

floated amongst the clouds.

Until finally, warm rains weighted

my garments and slowly, reluctantly,

I was gingerly placed on soil.

Although it was long ago, I

think of it every day.

Even as I walk on solid ground,

I remember my journey.

I will never forget my