Find your bliss

   I think our goal in life is to find our paradise. Whether it is a place where you can practice your talents, or find love, or even where you can find inner peace. What we strive for most, and what we find delicious to eat up, is happiness. The pure bliss of finding our own paradise drives us toward craving those gorgeously sweet blossoms of joy. What’s your blossom made of? Where’s your paradise?

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Uncharacteristically me

    This title seems to be an oxymoron, if you think about it. It seems that to lose all of our characteristics is to assume the role of a lifeless, thoughtless robot. And then what would the world be? If our civilization were to be full of empty-minded citizens, what perils would be free to hinder us? It seems that characteristics are the very thing that embody us, so why should there even be a world without them? But, no, there is yet a way to survive without characteristics. For there is one characteristic that cannot be taken away, because if it was, you would die. That one characteristic that keeps us all from being a huge crowd of indifferent people, the one of utter importance, is our mind. The way one thinks is unique to every other, and that is what lets us be uncharacteristically me.