Many stories have filled my head lately. I’ve sorted them out by sketching the characters, outfits, scenery and other things. There are more on the way.




What I’ve been listening to lately

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Christina Perri. I know, you’re probably thinking, who is that?, well check out these songs and you’ll understand. I absolutely love her voice and the lyrics she comes up with. These are from her albums Head or Heart and Lovestrong.

Human. Now, you may have heard of this one. If you have and you don’t like it, than you can just ignore the rest of this list.

Jar of Hearts. This is a great example of her poetic skills (what I mean is her lyrics).

A Thousand Years. Absolutely gorgeous. The feeling I get from this song is a sad sort of relief, happy but tired at the same time. This also shows her amazing artistry through the way she strings her words together and the way she launches them from her lips in rich tones.

Arms and The Words I haven’t listened to as much as the others, but still adore. 

I hope you listen to these once for me. I would love to know what you think of them.


They click their tongues in the next room over.


A hushed voice.

Where is she?

I long for the scent of lilac, my favorite, to cover the stench of hatred.

The shadows are my friend.

Just wall, I think, between us.

The chair creaks as one of them sits.


A insistent whisper.

She’s got to be here.

A taste of fresh spring water, sunshine on my face, the embrace of my mother, anything.

Anything to give me strength.

I’m just hiding; waiting.